432+528 Music ~Guidance of light~

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44.1kHz 16bit (Japan , World) , 96kHz 24bit Hgih resolution (Japan)
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  1. Orihika prologue 01:11
  2. Entrusted mind to a warm light 07:17 Youtube
  3. To the inner wave 06:16 Youtube
  4. The sea of light,the underwater walk 07:06 Youtube
  5. Orange serenity 06:38 Youtube
  6. Recognition and appreciation, supple 07:10 Youtube
  7. Play with peacefulness 06:29 Youtube
  8. Question from the optical world 06:25 Youtube
  9. Toward the warm morning 06:26 Youtube
  10. Orihika epilogue


The sound is like a cloth made with elegant light.
The graceful sound always starts quietly and ends quietly.
"Orihika" is the meaning of "weave the light" in Japanese.
I create music under the name of "Orihika" so that you get the experiense of all of "comfort".

Eiji Yamada

The member of asian unit "The Heart of Pan-gu".
We created a lot of sounds for NHK(Public broadcasting station Japan) documantary programs.
Full member of JASRAC(Music Copyright Association).

1999 NHK Special "2000km journey to corridor of foreigner". (Theme and whole tracs)"image'" emortional & relaxing track number 4 "The corridor of foreigner".(Sony music)
2001 NHK BS HD Special "The invitation to Asian Resort". (Theme)
NHK BS HD Special "Mountain Railways of the World".(Theme)
2002 NHK Kyushu"Kyusyu and Okinawa Encore Hour". (Theme)
2003 NHK BS HD Special"Migrant ship to Shanghai(Huge Project
San Xia Dam and the farmers)". (Theme and intermission)
2006 NHK International broadcasting "Insight & Foresight". (Theme)
2007 NHK BS1"Visit the Japanese Castle with Ryotarou Shiba".(BGM)
2007 NHK Educational and Discovery channel "Search for a New Kung fu star".(Theme and whole tracs)
2008 NHK BS1 "All about Beijing". (Theme and whole tracs)
2009 NHK BS HD "A New Chinese poetry journey". (BGM)
2010 NHK International broadcasting,BS1 "ChinaWow". (Theme and Avant track)
2012 NHK International broadcasting,BS1 "Asia Insight". (Theme and Avant track)

October 2016, Orihika 1st album "432+528 Music,Guidance of light" release.

Orihika : Healing units organised by composer Eiji Yamada.
I have been interested with the Alpha wave induced by high frequency since 1990's.
432+528 music added new way to existing approaches can be shown the frequency of healing clearly.


432(Wave of the universe) +528(Repair damage of DNA)=The new way of healing music.

What is the 528 solfeggio frequency?

This solfeggio scale has been used in the "Gregorian chant", which is the worship music in the beginning of 7th century. This scale has 7 tones.
528 Hz is the one of these tones that can repair damage of DNA.
To repair DNA,528 long tone is needed,not scale.

Also,by tuning the music this standard tuning 440 Hz to a little bit lower 432 Hz,music sounds more beautiful for central nervous system also can make heart and body harmonize.
Mathematically, the sound of 432 Hz is consistent with the regularity of the universe.

I found the composing way that insert 528 Hz long tone into the music tuned 432 Hz.
("432+528 music" is registered trademark in Japan by me.)
And whole tracks were made in 96 kHz 24 bit High Resolution quality.
These keywords, combination of "432", "528", "high-resolution" can be said to the world's first.

432Hz tuning

Music pitch A = 432Hz is mathematically consistent with the wave of universe.
Various verification has been made.
Perception psychologically,it is the most comfortable and healing frequency for human.

【Mathematics of the universe】
Cymnatic study found that Comparing the case of irradiation with a 440Hz and 432Hz to water or sand,432Hz is perfect harmony.
Life and nature,,,all the material has been found that are unified vibration,light,time and space by 432Hz.
Also, 432Hz in ancient times, in all countries a number of sacred things, the sun, the moon and the earth, spring and autumn equinox, Egypt, Stonehenge and the pyramid of Sri Lanka are also understood in as a faith, it was helped to the prosperity of mankind as a science.

528Hz solfeggio frequency

Solfeggio frequency is the muisc scale seen in the hymn andGregorian chant.
20 century, a lot of effects has been demonstrated scientifically. 528Hz has worldwide attention.
Great potential has been found as technique of vibration,wave and frequency used in healing.

demo during production A frequency of more than 40 kHz of analyzer picture is sounding.
I have various actions from trauma release to restoration of the human relations.
396Hz Release from sin,trauma and fear
417Hz Recovery from negative situation, Facilitation of transformation
528Hz Conversion to the ideal, Miracle, Recovery of cell, Repair damage of DNA
639Hz Repair of human relations
741Hz Improvement of expression power, Solution of problem
852Hz Awakening of inspiration,arousal
963Hz High dimension, Connect with cosmic senses