"432+528music" ~The Resonance of frequency for the harmony of mind and body ~

Haruhisa Wago : Professor of Saitama Medical University

Rhysm,melody,modulation of frequencies,chord and overtone are the elements that make up the music.
Recently people have discussed the meaning of the frequency.
And, particular 4000 Hz and 528 Hz are noted.

Especially,4000 Hz high frequency acts on the parasympathetic that exsits in the central of autonomic nervous.
It has been found to improve a lot of lifestyle-related diseases that is a large social problem by the superiority sympathetic.
For example, when we listen of music that has high frequency enough, we can feel promotion of secretion of saliva, stability of blood pressure and heartbeat and rise body temperature.
Therefore, these parasympathetic stimulation music that acts on this part as a "nutrient of sound for listening" has played an important part for the extension of health maintenance and healthy life.

Meanwhile,one of basic scale in ancient times "solfeggio scale" contains the specific sound of 528Hz.
This solfeggio scale has been used in the "Gregorian chant", which is the worship music compiled by Rome Pope Gregory 1 in the beginning of 7th century .
This frequency works to make listener calm feel and heal the mind and body.
Also, 528Hz spreads to a part of the pneumogastric distributed there because it has characteristic that resonates in the human intestine.
And, intestines are referred to as the "second brain".
We think it can adjust the balance of the autonomic nervous by serotonin which is "happiness hormone" produced.
Actually , if people concentrates to the sound of 528Hz, their body will be induced to rising body temperature,stability of blood pressure,reduction of stress hormone and promotion of saliva secretion.

Now, the standard tuning of the music that we hear today has been set to A = 440 Hz by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).
By tuning the music this standard tuning to a little bit lower 432Hz, music sounds more beautiful for central nervous system also can make heart and body harmonize. Mathematically, the sound of 432 Hz is consistent with the regularity of the universe. And it effects to the vibration and light,the unity of space and time.
Actually,tuned in 432 Hz music can give warmth and brightness to the sound quality.
And people can feel wider and more gently to space.

"432+528music"presented of this time is the epoch-making and new genre which sucseed to resonate 528Hz(the frequency of lovw) and 432 Hz(the frequency with the regularity of the universe) well.
The relaxing effect and peace of mind is quite wonderful.
In particular,I can say the effect to heal mind and body is preeminent because can get 528 Hz long tone clearly in each tracks.
I expect that you get the harmony of mind and body and arrange your balance of autonomic nervous by the music that can release your soul to the universe, can feel mind and body free.
And I hope strongly everyone will live in healthy and peaceful by this "Orihika music".
In addition to it, by taking advantage of these music,sounded as tender wave to the water environment of the cell that supports the lives of animals and plants, I think that I wish to maintain the health of all living things on earth.